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At Piece designs beautiful and fun puzzle collections that connect, ground and inspire souls all over the world. 

We know that building puzzles is the perfect way to relax the mind, and gets your thoughts away from the busy every day. Making a puzzle, is a wonderful way to spend time with family, friends and loved ones.

All of our puzzles are beautifully wrapped in boxes suited to decorate the home. They can stand beautifully alone or together collection by collection in the bookshelf.

an active meditation

At Piece puzzles are the perfect catalyst for a mindful homebound activity. They help you bring calm, peaceful and phone-free bonding into your home.

best quality materials

Each and every puzzle piece in our puzzles is unique and fit perfectly together. When you build our puzzles, you get that magical click-together-feeling.

Our motives are printet on high quality anti reflecting paper and mounted on thick quality cardboard.

Our boxes are designed so that the outer box can stand solidly on the table, and the inner drawer can be used for sorting the puzzle pieces. 

The puzzle piece bag is made of 100% pure organic cotton.


At Pieces motives make me happy and I love the colours. I use them to "switch off" and relax before bedtime - just 30 minutes - some times a little more - smiling.


Magic ’n Mystery was a Christmas gift. We brought it with us to our cottage - all three kids were glued to the table the whole weekend. Never have they spent so little time on their phones. When we got home, we bought Love ’n Lipstick


Very beautiful boxes and motives. I love the fact that the lid can stand without tipping over. Very nice with the many different areas - At Pieces puzzles never get boring and I (we) never get stuck.


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